Friday, April 25, 2008

Do we need politicians ?

Well, while i ask this question, i dont really know what my answer itself is...i may say we dont need thanks... but who are the alternatives??

but i got enough reasons why i should hate them

-They are the most selfish souls on the planet. Inconsolable pains and intolerable troubles faced by aam aadmi doesnt even seem to bother them. If at all there is anything for which these creatures exist -- It is to gaurd their seat for the next tenure and to heap up millions of black money...
- They raise hue an cry over the pettiest of things just to seek attention of particular community and in the process forget about the worst of problems that pose a threat to the future of our country
- Everything seems to wait for these babus, from road constructions to departure of flights.
-It doesnt matter to them if the quality of students in premier institutes takes a hit, all they want is major share of vote bank..
the list simply doesnt end...

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