Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where do U think U will find more masala content on?

I decided to take one week off from my work to spend time at home.I came down to Hyderabad and staying at home without work, what can be a better time pass than to watch television?

So with the remote in my hand, i was surfing through various channels, i love watching good music videos, comedy serials ,sports..and i usually end up watching news channels after i get bored with all the earlier mentioned stuff. I want to be updated with latest news from time to time and thus i can happily watch news channels for hours.

But there has been a change during past few years which was so subtle yet so deep in effect. The change is in the content that all these news channels broadcast. All the music channels like MTV, channel V have remained the same, or rather became more useful in telecasting career oriented programmes, interviews with the achievers...but news channels are not the same, their main motive now is not to keep the viewers informed , but to increase the TRP ratings.

You dont believe these days any movie would get more publicity through news channels than anything else. For every release that happens, there are "making of the movie" ,"interviews with the actors, crew", "critics view and opinion", "viewers opinion" ,"distributors opinion" and also various polls, sms based n internet based....

the question is "Will this help in solving a common mans problems??, it is medias responsibility to surface the issues that an ordinary man faces to the government and concerned authorities.. all these filmi reviews , backgrounds of stars, their affairs with co-actors are of no help to the ordinary man".

Ironically, It is the media that gives more importance to the trivial affairs that happen in tinsel town,(they project a magnified view of every god damn thing) and it is the same media that complains every move by the upcoming/wannabe stars as publicity stunt.

It is hard to believe that there is 1 hour programme on Bipasha- John relationship and the after effects of Bipasha-christiano ronaldo kiss on it...and this is the chance for them to increase the TRPs by telecasting all those steamy videos that Bipasha had acted in various films..of what relevance is this??
Is India gonna lose half of its GDP because of Bipasha-John split?

You would find clippings of every scandal, every possible way a murder -a theft can be done, and what is more disappointing is how they advertise this crap, as if it were the last ever SOCCER final they are gonna telecast.

Every other news channel has become the same, anyone would feel disgusted within few
minutes with whatever is is sad but true...and needs a change.

The time has come for the media to retrospect, they should re-think, of how much use are they to the Janta, are they sticking to the reason behind their existence??