Friday, August 31, 2007

protecting wild-life

It is hard to believe that we may not be able to show a tiger or a rhino to our children and the kids of future generation. Yes this is bound to happen if the poaching and ruthless killing of animals for their body parts continues at the same rate. We may not able to see a wild elephant, or a lion.

Countries like China and Japan are using the bones of tiger for some pharmaceutical purposes. Most of these animal parts are illegally traded to China. It is more sad that China is trying to legalise the trade. Today along with my friend Vishnu, i got the opportunity to interview Mr. Vivek Menon, the executive director of Wildlife Trust of India which is a non profit organisation, working to sustain the wild life in India. I was very happy to know about different projects they have taken up to prevent animal poaching and illegal trade of animal parts.

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When asked, what a common man or a busy man can do on his part to protect wildlife, Mr.Menon said people can in their own ways..for ex. a lawyer can handle a case in court against a poacher, An IT engineer can spread the awareness using websites or helping the government by creating some database of wild animals in the forests around their area and people can also do some monetary help..

I will be putting the whole interview on my blog soon..

Please do your part too to protect wildlife and maintain ecological balance. Remember the food chain we learnt in our school ?? It is necessary to protect the endagered species from extinction for our own survival too...

And above all, human beings are one among the millions of species that live on Earth, and every species has an equal right to survive.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is the Media doing any good??

Offlate, many unfortunate events have taken place which whether directly or indirectly have been provoked by media. Every news channel is getting into the mad race of being the first to telecast the so called "breaking news" and in the process is resolving to very shameful tmethods.

They have become so desperate that they started creating news inorder to be the first ones to cover the same. The TV news channels have become very insensitive. They capture people consuming poison to commit suicide, but dont care to stop them from doing that. Only thing that matters to them is the TRP ratings, the programme fetches them. The lives of people is no longer the base on which the media wants to bring improvement.

The recent case in varanasi, where TV18, IBN and NDTV had covered 14 shopkeepers committing suicide and so shamelessy claiming the first ones to broadcast the news is a shimmering example of the insensitive attitude of media. All the reporters have provoked the shopkeepers to consume poison which led to the end of lives of five people.

Even in the recent murder case of Adnan in Mumbai, it was the media who hyped the issue beyond reasonable limits, that the accused (were so frightened of the consequences of being caught --media apparently leaked the information much earlier)and have resorted to even killing the victim.

Where are we heading too ?? In this world of information age, any technology can have a constructive or a destructive face to it. It is good that we are able to know whatever is happening around the world in matter of minutes. The attention that media brings to minor issues which are ignored otherwise is greatly appreciated. But with great power, comes great responsibility as well. Media should be careful and thoughtful about the issues they telecast and the effects they are going to have on lives and mindsets of people.

Great wisdom is necessary to make the best use and our media has been failing in their efforts.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Does working more result in hair loss?

Hello folks,

Here is story of Ramu, who is industrious by birth. Hardwork is his only mantra and the Obsession of his life.
For him all that matters is the amount of time he spends with books in his hand or the computer infront of him.

And naturally he is a constant thinker and always worried about something or the other. There is no single moment when his brain is actually at rest. In other words he and his brain are idlophibic (Fear of being idle).

Now the question is people say when you use any part of your body, there is constant blood flow to it, and hence healthy functioning of that body. Now logically speaking, his head and the brain should be dead strong.
And so should be anything that grows over, underneath or inside the killer organ.

But to everyones wonder, and to his own wonder (his hair is literally fed with coconut oil) , he is the uncle in his office with already three fourth of his farm gone in the wind....

The Question is Did Ramu loose his hair because of Over work and Overstressing his head??