Friday, December 28, 2007

Proud to be an Indian

Everyone of us think/worry/feel happy about our nation atleast once every day.When there are many powerpoints being forwarded as e-mail attachments about mighty Indians and how high-ranked they are in various sectors all around the world, some thing that is very basic and unique to India has really made me feel so proud about it that i cannot stand anyone disparaging it before me.

At the time when there are incidents of mass killings in developed nations (I am talking about killings in Virginia University, in shopping malls and schools in US), when different sects in the same religion kill each other for dominance in some of the middle east countries, when people are forced to adopt hostile norms in their personal lives in certain communist countries, it is what we learnt in our primary schools about the sub-continent,"Unity in Diversity" that makes me feel India is the best.

Being the largest democracy in the world, is definitely as challenging a problem to be fought as much as it is a remarkable feature to boast about. I am talking about a billion people belonging to almost every religion in this world, innumerable castes (I am sure an encyclopedia can be written just about different castes in India), who speak some 18 recognised languages and many more dialects. Harmonious Co-existence of such a diverse population is the most unlikely thing to happen, but it happened and IT HAPPENED ONLY IN INDIA.

It definitely shows we Indians are the most tolerant and peace-loving people. An existing democracy was suppressed by a dictatorial military rule in Pakistan (Its fight for democracy has faced the worst defeat when Benazir Bhutto was assasinated), the government in Nepal was never stable with inbalance of power between the king and the government, the Srilankan officials are busy all the time fighting the LTTE, and for India, its geographic location amidst these turbulent neighbours is not deterring its growth, India is only SHINING.

Everyday in the newspaper, you read about some Indian company buying an MNC, some Indian becoming a CEO of fortune 500 company, some Indian member in the jury of an international film festival, some Indian woman travelling into space....All these are definitely proud things to hear but are mostly individual achievements.

But our unity and togetherness is definitely a collective achievement and irrefutably the biggest of all. I started taking pride in this INDIANITY few years back, and now i tell everyone who talks negative about it, WHY DO NOT YOU BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS COUNTRY ? Just sitting and sulking that nothing can be done about this nation is no longer going to help, and FYI to all the people who think the same way, a lot has been done about and done for this nation by our freedom fighters and super-capable Industrialists like JRD Tata, and a lot can be done by us. So it is the time to you have to make a choice. Choice between 'becoming a pilot of this flight into becoming a SUPERPOWER' or 'staying dormant only to be pushed out' .


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coalition politics is hindering the development

Why are there too many political parties in India?? Having many of them only divides the vote bank and contributes the least to any kind of growth. It is resulting in hung parliaments and hence coalition politics.

In coalition politics, every decision has to be taken with atmost care not hurting other party's opinion. All the time is spent in dicussions with each other..what happened recently at the national level in the UPA led government is the best example of it. The 123 agreement is no more a deal just because of mis consensus between the left and the rest of UPA.

India needs nuclear energy badly to meet its growing energy needs and nothing could have been a better solution to this than the nuclear deal. The UPA governments decision to froze the deal has put a full stop to the plans..

the same case in Karnataka, where the government till few days back was run by coalition between JDS and BJP. JDS was supposed to transfer the power to BJP according to the promise made during the formation. But the JDS govt didtn keep it up and the ditched BJP has withdrawn its support. And as a result there is no govt as such now and it is presidents rule..

This has again put to halt many development programmes which would have run (atleast at a slower pace) welll otherwise...

This mixed government politics is really been a hinderance for all the growth plans of modern India... Hope some day there would be only two political parties and each of them would compete to contribute more to the growth...

Friday, August 31, 2007

protecting wild-life

It is hard to believe that we may not be able to show a tiger or a rhino to our children and the kids of future generation. Yes this is bound to happen if the poaching and ruthless killing of animals for their body parts continues at the same rate. We may not able to see a wild elephant, or a lion.

Countries like China and Japan are using the bones of tiger for some pharmaceutical purposes. Most of these animal parts are illegally traded to China. It is more sad that China is trying to legalise the trade. Today along with my friend Vishnu, i got the opportunity to interview Mr. Vivek Menon, the executive director of Wildlife Trust of India which is a non profit organisation, working to sustain the wild life in India. I was very happy to know about different projects they have taken up to prevent animal poaching and illegal trade of animal parts.

Please visit

When asked, what a common man or a busy man can do on his part to protect wildlife, Mr.Menon said people can in their own ways..for ex. a lawyer can handle a case in court against a poacher, An IT engineer can spread the awareness using websites or helping the government by creating some database of wild animals in the forests around their area and people can also do some monetary help..

I will be putting the whole interview on my blog soon..

Please do your part too to protect wildlife and maintain ecological balance. Remember the food chain we learnt in our school ?? It is necessary to protect the endagered species from extinction for our own survival too...

And above all, human beings are one among the millions of species that live on Earth, and every species has an equal right to survive.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is the Media doing any good??

Offlate, many unfortunate events have taken place which whether directly or indirectly have been provoked by media. Every news channel is getting into the mad race of being the first to telecast the so called "breaking news" and in the process is resolving to very shameful tmethods.

They have become so desperate that they started creating news inorder to be the first ones to cover the same. The TV news channels have become very insensitive. They capture people consuming poison to commit suicide, but dont care to stop them from doing that. Only thing that matters to them is the TRP ratings, the programme fetches them. The lives of people is no longer the base on which the media wants to bring improvement.

The recent case in varanasi, where TV18, IBN and NDTV had covered 14 shopkeepers committing suicide and so shamelessy claiming the first ones to broadcast the news is a shimmering example of the insensitive attitude of media. All the reporters have provoked the shopkeepers to consume poison which led to the end of lives of five people.

Even in the recent murder case of Adnan in Mumbai, it was the media who hyped the issue beyond reasonable limits, that the accused (were so frightened of the consequences of being caught --media apparently leaked the information much earlier)and have resorted to even killing the victim.

Where are we heading too ?? In this world of information age, any technology can have a constructive or a destructive face to it. It is good that we are able to know whatever is happening around the world in matter of minutes. The attention that media brings to minor issues which are ignored otherwise is greatly appreciated. But with great power, comes great responsibility as well. Media should be careful and thoughtful about the issues they telecast and the effects they are going to have on lives and mindsets of people.

Great wisdom is necessary to make the best use and our media has been failing in their efforts.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Does working more result in hair loss?

Hello folks,

Here is story of Ramu, who is industrious by birth. Hardwork is his only mantra and the Obsession of his life.
For him all that matters is the amount of time he spends with books in his hand or the computer infront of him.

And naturally he is a constant thinker and always worried about something or the other. There is no single moment when his brain is actually at rest. In other words he and his brain are idlophibic (Fear of being idle).

Now the question is people say when you use any part of your body, there is constant blood flow to it, and hence healthy functioning of that body. Now logically speaking, his head and the brain should be dead strong.
And so should be anything that grows over, underneath or inside the killer organ.

But to everyones wonder, and to his own wonder (his hair is literally fed with coconut oil) , he is the uncle in his office with already three fourth of his farm gone in the wind....

The Question is Did Ramu loose his hair because of Over work and Overstressing his head??

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Where do U think U will find more masala content on?

I decided to take one week off from my work to spend time at home.I came down to Hyderabad and staying at home without work, what can be a better time pass than to watch television?

So with the remote in my hand, i was surfing through various channels, i love watching good music videos, comedy serials ,sports..and i usually end up watching news channels after i get bored with all the earlier mentioned stuff. I want to be updated with latest news from time to time and thus i can happily watch news channels for hours.

But there has been a change during past few years which was so subtle yet so deep in effect. The change is in the content that all these news channels broadcast. All the music channels like MTV, channel V have remained the same, or rather became more useful in telecasting career oriented programmes, interviews with the achievers...but news channels are not the same, their main motive now is not to keep the viewers informed , but to increase the TRP ratings.

You dont believe these days any movie would get more publicity through news channels than anything else. For every release that happens, there are "making of the movie" ,"interviews with the actors, crew", "critics view and opinion", "viewers opinion" ,"distributors opinion" and also various polls, sms based n internet based....

the question is "Will this help in solving a common mans problems??, it is medias responsibility to surface the issues that an ordinary man faces to the government and concerned authorities.. all these filmi reviews , backgrounds of stars, their affairs with co-actors are of no help to the ordinary man".

Ironically, It is the media that gives more importance to the trivial affairs that happen in tinsel town,(they project a magnified view of every god damn thing) and it is the same media that complains every move by the upcoming/wannabe stars as publicity stunt.

It is hard to believe that there is 1 hour programme on Bipasha- John relationship and the after effects of Bipasha-christiano ronaldo kiss on it...and this is the chance for them to increase the TRPs by telecasting all those steamy videos that Bipasha had acted in various films..of what relevance is this??
Is India gonna lose half of its GDP because of Bipasha-John split?

You would find clippings of every scandal, every possible way a murder -a theft can be done, and what is more disappointing is how they advertise this crap, as if it were the last ever SOCCER final they are gonna telecast.

Every other news channel has become the same, anyone would feel disgusted within few
minutes with whatever is is sad but true...and needs a change.

The time has come for the media to retrospect, they should re-think, of how much use are they to the Janta, are they sticking to the reason behind their existence??

Friday, June 15, 2007


When my friend suggested, I started reading this famous book by George orwell. It is a brilliant allegory of the totalitarianism of Stalins rule in Russia. Orwell sarcastically portrays Stalin as Napolean a boar (though named after the french dictator). The book talks about the animal rebellion over the humans, in which all the animals in the manor farm decide to drive away their master Mr.Jones (the equivalent to tzar Nicholas II ) after being inspired by speech of the Major (equivalent to Marx or Lenin) ...

After they oust Mr.Jones and usurping the power, they make new 7 commandments for animals, thier own flag ..proclaim themselves to be a republic and name it as Animal Farm..

After the Death of the major, two boars Napolean and Snowball become the leaders and plan the roadmap for their prosperity without help of humans. Infact they decree that "Any thing on four legs or wings is a friend and anything on two legs is an enemy".

Napolean ,snowball and the whole pig family being naturally more intelligent than their fellow species, make rules to have a luxorious life when compared to others..Slowly differences develop between snowball n Napolean.Napolean with the help of ten huge dogs, whom he bred and fed eversince they were puppies, ousts out snowball and assumes power...

The rest is history as Napolean (like Stalin) suppresses others and with help of his followers and Squealer (analogy to the russina newspaper Pravda) convinces the comparitively unintelligent species to believe that whatever he does is rite. He slowly eliminates all his enemies. He removes the commandments, bans the "beasts of england" song and even removes the horn and the hoof on their Green flag..

It is very late and the few old animals who actually knew the motive of rebellion have become helpless by now --as their friends were all eliminated one by one by Napolean..

At the end the pigs (Napolean and party) learn to walk on two legs (hind legs) and they partner with humans owning neighbouring farms.The animals realize that the faces of the pigs now look almost exactly like the faces of humans and they can no longer easily tell the difference between them.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

You fall in love with a city when it is GREEN

Hi folks,

Offlate, i have become very much attached to the environment that we are surviving in. I realised how important it is , to protect it to keep ourselves protected. The benifits of having a cleaner and greener environment around you are immeasurable.

When i first came to Bangalore, i did not really like it mainly because of congestion on roads , high traffic density and dust. I did not find it peaceful and relaxing. Many might disagree with me because it is actually dependent upon where you are putting up.

When i visited places like malleswaram ,Jayanagar, Koramangala and the defence establishment areas, then i came across the real Bangalore--the GARDEN CITY. I loved the way big trees on both sides have provided shade on the road, i felt quite and happy whenever i passed through such roads. Felt like stayin on them forever just to enjoy the greenery.

Then it was march end and the summer has started (well after being in places wher temp goes to abt 50 C degrees --i can never feel summer in Blr) was then i realised how better the weather in Bangalore is.. It took not more than a week to love Bangalore. I felt it is a better place. One factor Weather can beat all the rest...

It is mainly because of the trees in the city..that Bangalore is the way it is..People say it is changing, becoming hotter and worse...but i request everyone not to let this happen...I cannot see the fruits that Bangaloreans enjoy wither up and fall down forever...

When I heard about the Metro authorities cutting the trees on the MG road boulevard, it really hit me at my heart..felt i should protest, do something...comfort is important but not at the expense of the nature.

I want Banaglore (I mean bangaloreans too )and for that matter any city authorities to take few steps to fight against environmental hazards that may threaten our very existence...

1. Every person should plant trees in howmuch ever area they own , let them grow big to give them shade and pleasure.

2. The authorities should make the roads wide enough and plant trees on either side, also should take care that they grow big enough.

3. They should not allow appartments in congested areas, some minimum area of 1000sq.yards should be made mandatory to construct flats in a plot.

4. They should encourage afforestation and develop gardens every where. They should not cut a grown up tree at any cost. Plan up things such that such a need never arises..

5. It is high time that every citizen realises this and knows that his happiness lies in a greener environment..

It only took me a week in the summer to realise, i hope u already woke up to the reality..or will wake up in very near future..It is NOW or NEVER.

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hope this will get me somewhere!!

'Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?'

'That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,' said the Cat.

'I don't much care where --' said Alice.

'Then it doesn't matter which way you go,' said the Cat.

'--so long as I get somewhere,' Alice added as an explanation.

Lewis Carroll, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland

Saturday, March 24, 2007

big let down for a Billion

It was friday,23rd march.For a cricket fan of my sorts,this day is of enormous significance,it is the final chance for team India to keep our hopes alive.All the day,sitting in office, i couldnt deliver my best either,and was waiting for the match to begin.I left early (for my time frame) at 7 for home,to watch the likes of a final for India.

Bowling was tight and good, and so was the fielding,it was surprise and happiness to see our players saving few runs on the field..all bowlers have performed well...bhajji could have done better for that kind of a pitch, but however we were succeful in restricting them to what has become a chasable target nowadays( after SA chased 434 by Aus for a record victory n recent winning chases by India)..

We were even reluctant to go out for dinner n had ordered for a parcel..

India batting has come,and we had pretty good start..but Utthapa was hell bent on throwin away his wicket that every time he was hitting hard on to fielders hands..Mutthaya has given him a life but still he didnt get ny out by hitting the ball straight into arms of Vaas who made no mistake...
This was a clear mistake and the beginning of the fiasco, we needed a very good opening partnership!!
the way sourav and sachin got out can only bring shame for the experience and the run statistics they have behind them..

YUvrajs runout was a mess too..n Dhonis LBW was the cheapest!!!!

GOne were all my hopes, wondered if this is what i had waited for(all the time in office--).. is this how a team which boasts of its batting maestros performs ?? shattered were the billion people..this is the only game,we put our blood and soul in...but this is definitely not what we expect in return!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

student to a Teacher

I recently read a book called " tuesdays with morris" by Mitch Albom. The book was very moving n touchy...Albom beautifully narrates the bond he shares,the wisdom he gained from his beloved proffesor and mentor Morrie Schwartz.

Morrie was the favourite teacher of Albom at college, he is actually more a friend than a teacher. Even though,Albom promises to stay in touch with Morrie on his last day at his coll, he somehow falls in the same trap of work,work n career n fails to come out of that vicious circle. Its only after twenty years, when he watches his best teacher giving advise on self help and positive attitude( towards death n stuff) on television, he decides to meet his long lost best friend to begin his second phase of learning.

Well the book is good with some inspiring and motivating facts about life,family,emotions, fear of death n aging,culture ,forgiveness etc.. read the book to know more..

Now coming to the Point, what i learnt from the book and found missing in our generation, is existence of such a bond between a teacher and a student. Let me tell you my own story itself at college.

I do not think i really was in such a close rapport with any of my teachers, forget about life after college hours, there was hardly any communication or interaction with any of the teachers even during college hours. This was not the case just with me but with 90% of the class.
If at all,anyone used to talk to them, or ask them doubts, it was only the firstbenchers, well i myself used to comment them, that they are buttering the teachers for some advantage they seek...And just like i used to think and comment, every other person did the same too..n that pulled me away from talking to ny of the lecturers..well you might be thinking, what this guy
is talkin, on one hand says that he commented and made fun of those first benchers for over talkin to teachers, and now on the other hand is blaming his friends for himself not doing the same...
Frankly speaking, when you are attentive in class, asking a good teacher doubts n all, and after the class if the teacher talks to you for some reason assuming you to be bright, it would be dumb n stupid not to matter what everyone around you teases you for that..

If we see,what can be the reason for such an attitude of students, you will find mistake is both students' and teachers' and also the college culture (seniors + management + Dept +infrastructure)..

The very first day you enter the
college, you hear trite remarks from ur seniors about some teachers ability, knowledge and comments on his demeanour..and you cant help listening to them and making an impression.

Yeah, sometimes the teacher him/herself is really not knowledgable, and such a person starts making hostility towards students as a shield to cover his/her own vulnerabilites.Students really get pissed with such teachers, initially will try to irritate the lecturer somehow, many a times the latter succumbs to the mishief n naughtiness of the class, or if he/she is formidable, the students start showing disinterest in class,because they neither can have fun nor can learn anything. 80% of the cases belong to one of the categories..either teacher or the class becoming the MASTER...the result no interaction or relationship but only INDIFFERENCE towards each other.

Third and an equal contributor, is the case where there will be few (some 2-3) leaders (so called) in the class,who are hell bent on influencing every one around them to take up, follow and even preach the same opinions that they have,those opinions which are formed either long long before --when they only meet with despair wherever they go( nursery to school-their life everything) or when their dreams get shattered--this happens when they come to a college with so much hope and so many dreams but only find the REDTAPISM of mgmt and faculty to slowly shatter everything up.. (this holds good to a
great extent in college i studied)

And the last but not the least, is a combination or any of two factors, SHYness in the students and EGO in the teachers. Both of them think the other is not worth talking to. The result, a catastrophic drift towards opposite ends,a sort of cold war..sometimes, ppl even blow their fuses off..
What should be done:
1. A teachers duty is not just to take attendance,finish off the syllabus but also should find out personally if a student is
feeling bold enough to come out and talk to him/her, ask any doubts if exist.. Time to time non academic discussions between
faculty and the pupils can really diminish the problem.
2. A student should have 100% faith and trust in his/her teacher. No matter, if the teacher is knowledgeable or not, he
should learn to love him.. Well it may not be just the subject, but there are many other things that a teachers experience
can teach you.
3.The management should sincerely make an effort to make itself more available to its student fraternity ,and should always
see that there exists an air of satisfaction and trust between teachers and the students. Should organise games, and informal
meets to bring them more closer.
4.Finally and very important, from the primary school itself, a student should be taught to respect his teacher.

Monday, January 08, 2007

CANNABALISM...inhumanity in take on the NOIDA deatht toll


height of insanity...

The last of week of december 2006,i decided to take a break from my hectic office schedule to relax back home in Hyd. I dont have TV access in bangalore and dont find time even to read a newspaper...though i felt isolated from the so called connected world ...and being in the one of the most wired cities in the world..BLR.. i realised i was still lucky for i am not punished to read the manmade insane catastrophies...Yes that is what i would like to call them...

The second day at my home in hyd, i was watching news channels (naturally my quest to know be know everything that is happening around) and there appears flash news news about the skeletal remains of Children in city of nithari in Noida...

As the mystery unfolded...and the news came...i was crestfallen ...shattered for once was this so called civilized world before my eyes...those ppl would have not existed even in the stone age...

How can someone (a married person with two children n a wife) be so animose,wild and scary??

and the hapless innocent kids who fall victim to them...

What can be done to make this world free of those cannibals?? maneaters???