Thursday, May 25, 2006


It's been a month since i made the last post. Last month was hectic as much as it was happening.They were my last days in college. By may5th we were kinda free birds as our final exams got finished...then started the season of farewell...fueled by emotions n nostalgia abt the place where we made friends of our lifetimes..suddenly i realised thou four years passed by very quickly it is a long duration of time,enuf to change one's career,interests and the very self...yes the metamorphosis is more rampant if u r a boarding student.

Living a hostel life teaches many precious principles of life which dont find place in any book.They need to be experienced to be understood...those rules of the game are written by oneself according to the other team players and the goal (the very aim/ambition).

My engineering life influenced me a lot and i am greatful that place BIT,Mesra where a new individual started his saga in me..