Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coalition politics is hindering the development

Why are there too many political parties in India?? Having many of them only divides the vote bank and contributes the least to any kind of growth. It is resulting in hung parliaments and hence coalition politics.

In coalition politics, every decision has to be taken with atmost care not hurting other party's opinion. All the time is spent in dicussions with each other..what happened recently at the national level in the UPA led government is the best example of it. The 123 agreement is no more a deal just because of mis consensus between the left and the rest of UPA.

India needs nuclear energy badly to meet its growing energy needs and nothing could have been a better solution to this than the nuclear deal. The UPA governments decision to froze the deal has put a full stop to the plans..

the same case in Karnataka, where the government till few days back was run by coalition between JDS and BJP. JDS was supposed to transfer the power to BJP according to the promise made during the formation. But the JDS govt didtn keep it up and the ditched BJP has withdrawn its support. And as a result there is no govt as such now and it is presidents rule..

This has again put to halt many development programmes which would have run (atleast at a slower pace) welll otherwise...

This mixed government politics is really been a hinderance for all the growth plans of modern India... Hope some day there would be only two political parties and each of them would compete to contribute more to the growth...