Monday, July 31, 2006

Online Journal

well folks

So it is first of August..

if u r thinking about the speciality of this day, even i dont know.But lets make it special.

Guyz , i along with my friend are planning to launch an online journal from today which will consist of interesting articles which i hope will be of great use to evry kind of aspirant over here.Very soon once this becomes a success,we will also arrange for articles by some renowned personalities who have exceled in their own fields.

The articles can be mailed to me and can be on anything under the sun provided they are useful and thought proviking in some way or the other. Participation will be greatly appreciated,after all this is for excellence of our mother India.

Articles can be mailed to
And those all who are interested in receiving them also enrol yourself by mailing to the same id with subject "registration".

Together we excell..
warm regards

Bhargav--Now a design engineer

Hi folks

Its been a long time that i posted..the only resaon...any guesses??

well the sole n the only reason is LAZINESS...

i have been procastinating blogging for some time now.well but the recent hues n crys against the blogging community because allegedly the recent mumbai bomb blast were abetted thru some communication via blogs..

The secret agencies(govt) say that unlike mails n messenger systems in which every conversation can b tracked, blogs remain untrackable n thus make a safe way to communicate for the terrorists..

well before any stringent actions are taken and blogging becomes a neanderthal activity..its high time we as bloggers should take care that our blogs by any means dont become a mode of communication for those maniacal abettors..

Well now that i am no more a student and am working ..i feel myself more responsible and would like to convey that security is something which is everyone's concern..