Friday, December 28, 2007

Proud to be an Indian

Everyone of us think/worry/feel happy about our nation atleast once every day.When there are many powerpoints being forwarded as e-mail attachments about mighty Indians and how high-ranked they are in various sectors all around the world, some thing that is very basic and unique to India has really made me feel so proud about it that i cannot stand anyone disparaging it before me.

At the time when there are incidents of mass killings in developed nations (I am talking about killings in Virginia University, in shopping malls and schools in US), when different sects in the same religion kill each other for dominance in some of the middle east countries, when people are forced to adopt hostile norms in their personal lives in certain communist countries, it is what we learnt in our primary schools about the sub-continent,"Unity in Diversity" that makes me feel India is the best.

Being the largest democracy in the world, is definitely as challenging a problem to be fought as much as it is a remarkable feature to boast about. I am talking about a billion people belonging to almost every religion in this world, innumerable castes (I am sure an encyclopedia can be written just about different castes in India), who speak some 18 recognised languages and many more dialects. Harmonious Co-existence of such a diverse population is the most unlikely thing to happen, but it happened and IT HAPPENED ONLY IN INDIA.

It definitely shows we Indians are the most tolerant and peace-loving people. An existing democracy was suppressed by a dictatorial military rule in Pakistan (Its fight for democracy has faced the worst defeat when Benazir Bhutto was assasinated), the government in Nepal was never stable with inbalance of power between the king and the government, the Srilankan officials are busy all the time fighting the LTTE, and for India, its geographic location amidst these turbulent neighbours is not deterring its growth, India is only SHINING.

Everyday in the newspaper, you read about some Indian company buying an MNC, some Indian becoming a CEO of fortune 500 company, some Indian member in the jury of an international film festival, some Indian woman travelling into space....All these are definitely proud things to hear but are mostly individual achievements.

But our unity and togetherness is definitely a collective achievement and irrefutably the biggest of all. I started taking pride in this INDIANITY few years back, and now i tell everyone who talks negative about it, WHY DO NOT YOU BECOME THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THIS COUNTRY ? Just sitting and sulking that nothing can be done about this nation is no longer going to help, and FYI to all the people who think the same way, a lot has been done about and done for this nation by our freedom fighters and super-capable Industrialists like JRD Tata, and a lot can be done by us. So it is the time to you have to make a choice. Choice between 'becoming a pilot of this flight into becoming a SUPERPOWER' or 'staying dormant only to be pushed out' .