Saturday, March 24, 2007

big let down for a Billion

It was friday,23rd march.For a cricket fan of my sorts,this day is of enormous significance,it is the final chance for team India to keep our hopes alive.All the day,sitting in office, i couldnt deliver my best either,and was waiting for the match to begin.I left early (for my time frame) at 7 for home,to watch the likes of a final for India.

Bowling was tight and good, and so was the fielding,it was surprise and happiness to see our players saving few runs on the field..all bowlers have performed well...bhajji could have done better for that kind of a pitch, but however we were succeful in restricting them to what has become a chasable target nowadays( after SA chased 434 by Aus for a record victory n recent winning chases by India)..

We were even reluctant to go out for dinner n had ordered for a parcel..

India batting has come,and we had pretty good start..but Utthapa was hell bent on throwin away his wicket that every time he was hitting hard on to fielders hands..Mutthaya has given him a life but still he didnt get ny out by hitting the ball straight into arms of Vaas who made no mistake...
This was a clear mistake and the beginning of the fiasco, we needed a very good opening partnership!!
the way sourav and sachin got out can only bring shame for the experience and the run statistics they have behind them..

YUvrajs runout was a mess too..n Dhonis LBW was the cheapest!!!!

GOne were all my hopes, wondered if this is what i had waited for(all the time in office--).. is this how a team which boasts of its batting maestros performs ?? shattered were the billion people..this is the only game,we put our blood and soul in...but this is definitely not what we expect in return!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

student to a Teacher

I recently read a book called " tuesdays with morris" by Mitch Albom. The book was very moving n touchy...Albom beautifully narrates the bond he shares,the wisdom he gained from his beloved proffesor and mentor Morrie Schwartz.

Morrie was the favourite teacher of Albom at college, he is actually more a friend than a teacher. Even though,Albom promises to stay in touch with Morrie on his last day at his coll, he somehow falls in the same trap of work,work n career n fails to come out of that vicious circle. Its only after twenty years, when he watches his best teacher giving advise on self help and positive attitude( towards death n stuff) on television, he decides to meet his long lost best friend to begin his second phase of learning.

Well the book is good with some inspiring and motivating facts about life,family,emotions, fear of death n aging,culture ,forgiveness etc.. read the book to know more..

Now coming to the Point, what i learnt from the book and found missing in our generation, is existence of such a bond between a teacher and a student. Let me tell you my own story itself at college.

I do not think i really was in such a close rapport with any of my teachers, forget about life after college hours, there was hardly any communication or interaction with any of the teachers even during college hours. This was not the case just with me but with 90% of the class.
If at all,anyone used to talk to them, or ask them doubts, it was only the firstbenchers, well i myself used to comment them, that they are buttering the teachers for some advantage they seek...And just like i used to think and comment, every other person did the same too..n that pulled me away from talking to ny of the lecturers..well you might be thinking, what this guy
is talkin, on one hand says that he commented and made fun of those first benchers for over talkin to teachers, and now on the other hand is blaming his friends for himself not doing the same...
Frankly speaking, when you are attentive in class, asking a good teacher doubts n all, and after the class if the teacher talks to you for some reason assuming you to be bright, it would be dumb n stupid not to matter what everyone around you teases you for that..

If we see,what can be the reason for such an attitude of students, you will find mistake is both students' and teachers' and also the college culture (seniors + management + Dept +infrastructure)..

The very first day you enter the
college, you hear trite remarks from ur seniors about some teachers ability, knowledge and comments on his demeanour..and you cant help listening to them and making an impression.

Yeah, sometimes the teacher him/herself is really not knowledgable, and such a person starts making hostility towards students as a shield to cover his/her own vulnerabilites.Students really get pissed with such teachers, initially will try to irritate the lecturer somehow, many a times the latter succumbs to the mishief n naughtiness of the class, or if he/she is formidable, the students start showing disinterest in class,because they neither can have fun nor can learn anything. 80% of the cases belong to one of the categories..either teacher or the class becoming the MASTER...the result no interaction or relationship but only INDIFFERENCE towards each other.

Third and an equal contributor, is the case where there will be few (some 2-3) leaders (so called) in the class,who are hell bent on influencing every one around them to take up, follow and even preach the same opinions that they have,those opinions which are formed either long long before --when they only meet with despair wherever they go( nursery to school-their life everything) or when their dreams get shattered--this happens when they come to a college with so much hope and so many dreams but only find the REDTAPISM of mgmt and faculty to slowly shatter everything up.. (this holds good to a
great extent in college i studied)

And the last but not the least, is a combination or any of two factors, SHYness in the students and EGO in the teachers. Both of them think the other is not worth talking to. The result, a catastrophic drift towards opposite ends,a sort of cold war..sometimes, ppl even blow their fuses off..
What should be done:
1. A teachers duty is not just to take attendance,finish off the syllabus but also should find out personally if a student is
feeling bold enough to come out and talk to him/her, ask any doubts if exist.. Time to time non academic discussions between
faculty and the pupils can really diminish the problem.
2. A student should have 100% faith and trust in his/her teacher. No matter, if the teacher is knowledgeable or not, he
should learn to love him.. Well it may not be just the subject, but there are many other things that a teachers experience
can teach you.
3.The management should sincerely make an effort to make itself more available to its student fraternity ,and should always
see that there exists an air of satisfaction and trust between teachers and the students. Should organise games, and informal
meets to bring them more closer.
4.Finally and very important, from the primary school itself, a student should be taught to respect his teacher.