Friday, January 11, 2008

Kudos to Ratan Tata and the team behind Nano

Everyone including the experts and a man on the street alike laughed at the idea of one lakh car and stated such a thing is impossible..but it is been proved from time to time, that nothing beats determination. Very few people have the conviction to fight all odds to realise the dreams they dreamt of. Ratan Tata is one such man and to describe the latest wonder from his production house in his own words

"since we started the project four years back, there has been a steep increase in input costs,but a promise is a promise " . YES SIR, you delivered what you promised. KUDOS to you.

No doubts, the most attractive thing about Nano is its cost, but what is appreciable is the engineering teams' ability to still provide superb features within the budget.

623 cc engine, 20-22 Kmpl, Nice looks, Good interiors, environment friendly and more space...what else..just everything that is needed.

It is indisputably one of the major technological achievements in the recent times by any of the Indian companies. All of us should learn a lot from the Nano story and work with re-newed energies to accomplish even more significant innovations.


Sasanka Rajaram said...

truly man, that gives me a sense of pride.. and at the same time,great regrets.. u know what i mean..

Krishna Bhargav said...

true dude..n regrets...did not get you..abt me?